Faith Leads Forward, Fear Holds You Back

Faith leads forward because it’s born of hope and hope is always about expectation—expectation of what’s to come.


It’s looking ahead with anticipation that a good God has good things planned for you. And since He already given you His best in Jesus, what good thing could He possibly withhold from you (Romans 8:32)?

That’s faith and it’s what pleases God.


When faith calls, fear tries to hold you hostage to your past.

Fear causes you to stare at your past. It’s loud, flashy, and palpable. Fear overwhelms your senses. It must to sell the lie that you are the sum of your mistakes and are doomed to repeat them. It holds you back from believing for better. But fear is a liar and knowing that is half the battle.


Where fear screams, faith speaks with a still small voice. Don’t underestimate the quiet and the small. Some of the most powerful things come in small packages.

Faith is so potent it doesn’t take much, nor does it need to shout. It just needs to exist and grows when focused on the truth…

You are loved.

Jesus loves you unconditionally. Nothing and no one can separate you from it. And when you dare believe that, His love drives out every fear.

You are forgiven.

Jesus paid for every one of your sins with His life. Receive His priceless gift and live forgiven, whole, and free.

You have a future.

No matter where you are now, Jesus can redirect you to the good plans He has for you. Just trust Him and follow His lead.

Jesus always moves forward. Don't look back. Run with Him into your destiny.


Don’t let guilt and shame chain you to the past. Jesus came to set the captive free and He’s greater than your past mistakes. Jesus always leads forward. So, run with him into your destiny!

Faith forward! Your best days are ahead of you.



Faith forward! Your best days are ahead of you.

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VANESSA A. HARRIS is a blogger, designer of inspirational t-shirts, and the author of DADDY’s Girl Forever and its devotional. She’s a physician turned stay at home mom, who’s never lost her NY wit.  She needs it for the three inventive children she raises with her husband in Texas.

12 thoughts on “Faith Leads Forward, Fear Holds You Back

  1. Dear Vanessa!

    That’s a great title of a blog post: FAITH LEADS FORWARD, FEAR HOLDS YOU BACK.

    I was uplifted by reading this reminder about what faith is. We do truly have something to offer as Christians today in the form of hope, being positive and having a perspective. My favourite part of your blog post was this line:

    Jesus loves you unconditionally. That means that there’s nothing we can or have to do to receive His blessings.

    Edna Davidsen


    1. Thanks so much for the encouragement and feedback Edna. Always great when iron sharpens iron ☺️ Enjoy the rest of your week!


    1. You’re right Nancy. Fear is a tactic the enemy uses on all of us, but there’s hope for those who believe right.


  2. This is the third post I’ve read in one day about faith, I think God is placing wonderful people like you in my life exactly when needed. Please continue to write, because your words meant so much to me ❤️.



    1. Oh wow, thanks Jessie. You’re catching me on a week when I’m asking Jesus if He wants me to keep blogging. So grateful you found this when you needed it!


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