Ladies! Share what’s on your mind and in your heart with women wherever you go, because we’re all in this together. These He Said She Said shirts make great “thinking of you” and birthday gifts. Consider them for women’s conferences/small groups too!

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I look like I have it all together, but I am what I am by grace alone. True story based on 1 Corinthians 15:10. Plain front, text on back.   There's no one like you. Own it and be awesome at being you.   Dig deep in love that lasts forever. Based on Ephesians 3: 17.   Don't tell this girl I can't. This chick can do anything thru Christ. He gives me strength. Perfect tshirt for female Christians, especially in youth and young adult church groups.   Done attracting losers? Attract grace instead. God's grace is drawn to the needy but only to make you better!   Don't Settle for Boys When You Have the King. Perfect for girls and women who are more Jesus crazy than boy crazy.   God's love for his girls goes on forever. Testify to that with this tee.   Remember where your super power comes from. You can do all things when Jesus is your strength! Live #JesusStrong all day every day.   LIT Living in truth. Let your light shine as you live in Truth. Perfect gift for a believer in Jesus. Light of the world, stay lit for Jesus.   LOVE is who God is and what He does. Sweet tee shirt declaring Jesus' love for you. Loved as I am.   The love of Jesus frees you to live authentically, with nothing to prove. The Loved As I Am tshirt celebrates unconditional love.   Believe because God is for you.    Any way you turn me I look flawless in God's eyes. Thanks to Jesus.   ASK YOURSELF. What else do I wear when I slay in every way? This chic tee shirt.   How do you deal with judgmental people trying to steal your joy? You live your life! The Live Your Life t shirt with white lettering.   You didn't lose your personality when you gave your life to Jesus. Sassy girls love Jesus too.   I'm not here to be like everyone else. I'm running my race to the glory of God. The Running My Race t shirt with white lettering.   TRUTH. All of us are messy in some way. This statement tee shirt reminds us mercy met messy when Jesus died on the cross for us.   Your words have power to give life or ruin it. And since you have what you say, you may as well speak life!   Face forward in faith. This Faith Forward tee shirt declares your best days are still ahead of you. Jeremiah 29:11   I'm not perfect but I'm a blessing. So are you. Let's rock the t shirt and spread the message.