Speak Life!

The thoughts you think become the beliefs you speak.

And since life and death are in the power of your tongue, it’s important to note what you’re mediating on, because you speak what you believe in your heart.

Nope. I’m not referring to humming while sitting lotus style. I’m talking about the thoughts you rehearse in your mind and say out loud, analyzing the meaning of every word.

It’s an amazing way to benefit from God’s Word because His words are spirit and life and health to your whole body.

But meditating on anger, bitterness, and betrayal—not so much. That sucks the life out of you, drying you to your core. And it’s hard to speak life when choking on toxic thoughts.

"Your words have power to give life or ruin it. And if you have what you say, you may as well speak life!"


Change the narrative.

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#Jesus Strong

I’M known as the “strong friend.” The one people turn to for advice. The one touted as focused and driven.

I understand where the reputation came from: a girl from the Bronx, determined to become a pediatrician despite getting turned down by several med schools, then struggling through med school and somehow completing two residencies. I get it, but just reading that last sentence drains me, remembering all those years of pressure and grinding.

Because for all the praise we give “the grind,” we forget the grind also wears us down.

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