The Design Inspiration Behind the Flawless T-shirt

In a world where we’re so quick to jump on each other’s flaws, could you imagine anyone describing you as flawless? Could you see yourself that way?

In this video Vanessa shares the truth that inspired her daring design.


God sees you through Christ-colored glasses...flawless!


Flawless in God’s eyes? Get yours here.


How to Be Flawless and Own It!

Bride of Christ. Beautiful in every way.Last week hubby and I saw the movie Acrimony. It’s an insightful film by Tyler Perry reminding us that becoming one flesh in marriage is as much about perspective, as purpose.


But during the previews I peeped the premise of an upcoming release, I Feel Pretty, starring Amy Schumer. And I loved it! Continue reading “How to Be Flawless and Own It!”